It’s OK to throw it away

“It’s OK to throw it away”. This isn’t a phrase I use very often! I am a huge advocate or reduce, re-use, recycle… repurpose, refuse…. anything to mean that ‘stuff’ doesn’t need to be thrown away. But in the case of your bokashi compost tea, throwing it away can be the best thing to do.

Bokashi tea can make a great fertiliser for your plants (indoor and outdoor). Read more about using bokashi tea here. However, over the colder, winter months your plants probably don’t need as much feeding (and there are days when even the most dedicated gardeners would rather stay indoors and don’t fancy feeding the garden).

So, if you don’t want to (or need to) use the bokashi tea for fertiliser, what do you do with it? Throw it away! Down the drain, to be precise.

Throwing your bokashi tea down the drain

Bokashi tea is made of juices from your food scraps plus everything it picks up on the way as it drains through your kitchen composter; microorganisms from the bokashi process, water, organic matter as well as the by-products and waste from the bokashi bacteria. In other words… it is all natural and perfectly harmless to poor down your drain. In fact it can actually be good for your drains.

How bokashi tea helps your drains

The bokashi tea is teaming with good bacteria from your bokashi kitchen composter. When you put these healthy bacteria down your blocked or smelly drain then they get to work decomposing and breaking down the cause of your drain problems.

You don’t need to dilute the bokashi tea you can simply empty your tea straight down the drain. If possible, don’t put any water down the drain for the next day or two to give the bacteria chance to do their work. Repeat as often as is needed.

Customer’s stories

Don’t just take our word for us. Here are a couple of recent stories that we have heard from Bokashi Living customers who used bokashi tea to save their problem drains:

Last summer (2015) was very dry across much of British Columbia and water restrictions were tight. This was particularly true on the Gulf Islands where many residents rely on well water and other ground water sources. One of our Bokashi Living customers on Mayne Island was collecting every possible drop of water from her house for her garden. She had collection buckets in her shower, re-used all of her dish-washing water and let very little water go down the drain. Whilst this was great in terms of water conservation, it was not good for her septic tank system. These systems require a certain amount of water down them otherwise they start to smell pretty bad (as our customer found out). However, she was fortunate to have a ready supply of bokashi tea from her kitchen composter. After putting just a cupful of bokashi tea down her kitchen drain the smell disappeared in less than 24 hours. A great tip for anyone on a septic tank system during periods of water restrictions.

Mayne Island customer, 2015

Not many dogs enjoy their baths, but how many dog owners enjoy clearing out a blocked bath tub full of dog hair after the bathing ordeal? One of our customers recently had great success using their bokashi tea to unblock the hair-filled drain. By simply putting around a cupful of bokashi tea down the bath drain and leaving for a couple of days he was able to unblock the drain of all the malted dog hairs.

Vancouver customer, 2015

So you don’t need to feel guilty about’throwing away’ your bokashi tea down the drain. It is completely harmless to the natural environment and will actually be beneficial to your drains.

Do you have more questions about your bokashi compost? Check out our FAQs for loads more information.

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