How does it work?

Bokashi composting is fast and easy. Simply add food waste to the indoor kitchen composter, sprinkle with the bokashi bran mixture, and wait for the results. It takes just 4 to 6 weeks for your food waste to be transformed into microbe and nutrient rich compost. Read on to find out how to bokashi compost including informative videos.

Getting Started

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The 4-Step Bokashi Process

1. Add Waste

Add food waste

All food is acceptable: fruits & veggies, grains, pasta, dairy, cooked foods and even meat.  If you eat it, it can go in the bin!

Smaller is better

Chop food waste into 1-2 inch pieces. Larger pieces are ok but may take longer to ferment.

Items to avoid

Don’t add moldy or rotten items to your bokashi kitchen composter. These items may turn your bokashi compost bad. Also don’t put excess liquids in your bin, including grease and oil.

2. Mix in Bran

Sprinkle bran

Each time you add food waste to the bin, add a small sprinkle of bokashi bran.  About 1 tablespoon per inch of food waste is all that’s needed.


Add food waste and sprinkle bran each day or two until your bokashi bin is full. Once the bin is full, put the lid on and let it sit in a warm place for 2 weeks.

Drain tea

Drain the bokashi tea every few days.  Use the tea to fertilize your house and garden plants.

3. Add to Garden

Successful fermentation

After 2 weeks you should smell a pickle-like odor, the food waste will be softer, and you may see white mold. These are indicators of successful fermentation, and it’s time to get your pre-compost into the garden.


Bury the fermented food waste directly in your garden, compost pile, planters, or soil factory.

4. Grow

Wait 2 weeks

In two weeks the pre-compost will be transformed into the soil web, to the benefit of all plants and soil in the surrounding area.


Plant roots will thrive on the newly added bokashi microbes and food waste nutrients. Watch your garden flourish!

Bokashi composting low carb food waste


One kitchen composter typically takes around 2 weeks to fill. Using
a two-bin system will allow a continuous collection and fermentation of your
kitchen scraps.

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