The Easy and Clean Way to


All your Food Waste

Add Food Waste

All food waste can go into your bokashi composter. Fruit, vegetables, cooked food, meat, dairy, grains and pasta are all fine. If you eat it, it can go in the bin!

Mix In Bran

Next, sprinkle with our premium bokashi bran. Repeat until your bokashi bin is full. Then, seal the lid and leave for 2 weeks to complete the fermentation process.

Add to Garden

Your food scraps have now been transformed into microbe and nutrient-rich pre-compost, and are ready to add to your garden. You can bury directly in your garden beds, compost pile, potting containers, or soil factory.


In just two weeks the pre-compost will be assimilated into the soil web. Plant roots will thrive on the newly added bokashi microbes and food waste nutrients. Watch your garden flourish!


You won't find this caliber of bokashi bin anywhere else. It’s the quality and attention to the manufacturing process that sets our bins apart. No more splitting lids, cracking bins or failing spigot. And nothing we produce or sell is made in China. These authentic bins are made of a high quality, food safe resin that will last for years and will not cause any leaching into your bokashi compost. Bokashi composting, we're passionate about it and it's all we do!

Food safe plastic

Sourced from outside China

Full 1 Year Warranty

Dedicated Ongoing Support

Fastest Shipping Available

Premium Bokashi Starter Kit (2 bin)

$157.00 CAD$178.00 CAD

Successful bokashi composting typically uses 2 bins, as this allows you to continuously collect and compost all of your food waste as it’s produced. This is why our 2 bin kit is consistently our best seller for households new to bokashi composting.

Each starter kit includes:

  • 2 x bokashi buckets
  • cup to collect bokashi tea
  • our Complete Guide to Bokashi Composting booklet
  • your choice of 2, or 4 x 2.2 lb (1 kg) bags of premium bokashi bran
  • Saving you up to 24%

Premium Bokashi Starter Kit (1 bin)

$99.50 CAD$120.50 CAD

Using a single bokashi bucket is a good choice for kitchens that don’t generate very much food waste. Each starter kit includes everything you need for successful bokashi composting:

  • 1 x bokashi bucket
  • cup to collect bokashi tea
  • our Complete Guide to Bokashi Composting booklet
  • your choice of 1, 2 or 3 x 2.2 lb (1 kg) bags of premium bokashi bran
  • Saving you up to 24%

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A blog for anyone interested in bokashi composting, organic gardening and living zero waste. It includes tips from our bokashi experts, guest bloggers and more. Check it out to see if there are a few tips for you!

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Bokashi Community

Our online forum to find answers to all of your bokashi composting questions. If you can’t find the answer here, simply ask a new question. We are always happy to share our knowledge about everything bokashi!

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Thank you so much for the work that your company does in the community.

Kate K

Boulder, CO

Bokashi composting helps me achieve a plastic bag free lifestyle. Now I no longer need plastic bags for my trash.

Frances Warner

New York, NY

I really love the Bokashi system! I have emptied a couple buckets of fermented compost into my "regular" outside compost pile and was recently thrilled to find that for the first time in my life I have a "warm/hot" compost pile instead of just a wormy one.

Janet R


My soil is very clay-like and has been difficult to grow in for years. I started bokashi 1 year ago, and as advertised my soil has steadily improved. This year my tomato plants have produced wonderfully, for the first time. Very satisfied!

Frida E


I bought my first bokashi compost in March this year and received it in April and I really really love it. We have reduced our food waste by 100%, we don't even take the compost out for the city to collect!


Toronto, ON

I've been using your bulk bokashi. Its working great for my Cuban oregano growing. My crops have better leaves and a better looking green to them. Thanks for a great product.



I bought the bokashi bins after seeing my friends garden respond amazingly well to it. She has rocky soil, and the bokashi really made a big difference for her.

Adrienne Cote


Bokashi works awesome as a soil amender for medicinal cannabis.


Sechelt, BC

I bought your bins a year ago. It works so well, i'm buying two more bins as a gift for my brother. Cheers!

Mark Southeby

North Carolina

I have to pay for my trash collection. And i like a zero waste lifestyle because it is free and the right thing to do. Bokashi composting is my biggest step towards zero waste.

Olivia Friesen


Meet our Team

Nick Kiss

Mix 1 part mad scientist, 2 parts avid gardener, stir in a lug of concern for the environment, and you have Nick.  Nick‘s passion for all things green and growing,  combined with 14 years of management experience in the waste
and recycling industry, put him at the forefront of the green revolution. Nick can be contacted for all things bokashi related;  and he would appreciate suggestions for peacefully keeping the resident racoon out of his garden.

nicki casley

Nicki is a proud Mum to three energetic girls. She has over 13 years of experience working in sustainability but has been a tree-hugger at heart for far longer than that. Bokashi Living gives Nicki another excuse to get her hands dirty in the sunshine (or rain) and share her passion about all things sustainable…. under the guise of ‘work’!