What can I add to my bokashi kitchen composter?

Bokashi CommunityCategory: bokashi composting questionsWhat can I add to my bokashi kitchen composter?
Nicki Casley Staff asked 7 years ago
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Nicki Casley Staff answered 7 years ago

Pretty much everything can go in your bokashi kitchen composter; all fruit and vegetable peelings and scraps, cooked food, meat, dairy products, grains, pasta, breads, cakes, egg shells….. It’s probably easier just to think of the few things that should not be added in large quantities to your bin:

  • Large bones: These are OK to add but can take a long time to break down in your garden.
  • Lots of liquid: Don’t add excess liquids to your bin, including grease and oil. Small amounts are acceptable.
  • Moldy or rotten items: These items may turn your bokashi kitchen compost bad.

Whilst you can add all compostable items to your bokashi kitchen composter, you may choose to only add select items to your bin. Learn more

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