Maggots/ larvae in outdoor bokashi compost pile

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Ariel asked 2 years ago

I have an open, outdoor bokashi compost pile that we’ve been making and there’s thousands of the little white maggots/ larvae in it. We’re already on Day 7. It’s hot in there, but it doesn’t seem like it’s killing then off. There’s like thousands of alive ones and they’re in the center of the pile, even where it’s super hot.Is our bokashi compost pile spoiled and we have to start over? Or what can we do? would love to receive you help!

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Maggots indicate rotting.  If you bokashi treated food waste was fermented properly, and mixed into healthy garden soil, then there should be no rotting at all happening.  We suggest you 1) make sure your bokashi bran is still viable i.e. it should be relatively fresh, and stored properly.  2) make sure the soil you are mixing it in is healthy and live garden soil, not store bought bagged soil which is sterile.  

Greg answered 2 years ago

Or they are not “maggots”, but soldier fly larvae. A welcome consumer.

Leslie answered 8 months ago

Thanks for the tip on soldier fly larvae! I was alarmed when my outdoor container bokashi compost pile suddenly came alive with larvae. I\’m now welcoming them as industrious allies.

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