Nancy asked 3 months ago

My valve is leaking even when tightly closed. Why?? and can I rebuild or clean it? TIA for advice

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Nick Kiss answered 3 months ago

Sorry to hear about your leaking spigot.  But dont despair just yet!  This can be easily fixed, most likely in just a few secondsThe most common reason, by far, is that the nut just in behind the spigot knob has come loose.  This is on the outside of the bin, just in underneath (or behind) the spigot knob.  If it has come loose, then the spigot knob cannot tighten fully back against the bin.  All you have to do is tighten this nut with your fingers.
Note that in order to tighten this nut, you first must open the spigot knob a full turn.  This will free the nut so you can tighten it, and also this will create some extra space for your fingers to get at that nut.  Just tighten it with finger strength, and you should now be good.
To test it, just press down on the lid of your bin.  If it is working, you should hear no air escaping out of the spigot.
If this does not fix your issue, then please send us an email directly and we can reply with a pdf printout on some other possible fixes for you.  

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