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Dan asked 2 years ago

Is the bokashi method suitable for finishing in the tumbler? The 125 just arrived and I\’ll set it up next week sometime. My plan is to put my bokashi \”compost\” into the tumbler to turn the bokashi \”compost\” into actual compost that I can spread around my garden. The reason I bought the tumbler was to avoid burying the bokashi \”compost\” in the soil (all of my soil is occupied by plants, so I can\’t dig it up to bury the bokashi and it takes a long time for the buried bokashi to turn into regular compost), so accelerating the composting process and I live in chicago, so once the colder months arrive, the ground freezes, so you can\’t bury the bokashi. My plan is to mix soil in with the bokashi in the tumbler to produce the finished compost. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks! Dan

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Yes it is suitable for a tumbler.  If your garden is full of plants, keep in mind you can always bury the precompost in multiple small fist size holes around the plants.  This is highly effective. It does not take a long time for buried precompost to assimilate into the soil structure.  It is a fast method, and is actually easier than using a tumbler because it is more direct.  But yes, the bokashi will work fine in the tumbler.

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