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Amanda Quintero asked 3 years ago

How do I know if it is done correctly? I have sealed one of my bins and it has sat for 2 weeks. I am taking it to a farmer on Saturday (so, this will be 3 weeks). I haven’t opened it yet. Besides the smell and no mold (but white), how do I know it is correct? After sealing it when can I open it to make sure it is okay? How often should I open it?

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nick kiss answered 3 years ago

Great question.  The answer is, you will almost certainly have a good batch of bokashi precompost after 3 weeks.  Its very difficult to mess it up.  
But, you can feel free to open the lid and have a check on it.  It wont hurt anything to just check on it.  If something is not right, you will immediately smell rotting, and see dark color molds.   
If things are good, then there will be no dark color molds, and the food will feel very soft.  The smell of a good batch can vary, often it smells very strongly of a vinegar like smell when you first open it.  This smell is the beneficial microbes at work.

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