Bokashi soil fly issues

Amanda asked 2 years ago

I’m new to bokashi compost and I have recently came across some fly issues. 
I have no maggots issues inside my bokashi bin because I always close the lid tightly. The problem starts after I buried the bokashi waste in flower pot(I live in city don’t have garden). I would lay a layer of soil at the bottom of the pot, add some bokashi waste and cover it up with some store bought soil. Somehow the flies will come and lay eggs in the soil and there are full of maggots in my soil and turn into hundreds of flies, crawling on the edges of the pot, it looks just gross….could you help me please…..

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Great question.  Our recommendation is that you do not use store bought soil.  This soil is usually sterilized, and has no microbial or macrobial life in it.  You want these.  Instead, you should simply find some good garden soil (from a neighbour, or a community garden for example) and use that.  The more bugs and life you can see in it the better, as these are required for healthy soil structure!

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