how to bokashi compost

how to bokashi compost in just 4 simple steps

Bokashi composting is fast and easy! By using bokashi you can transform your food scraps into compost in just 4-6 weeks.
How to bokashi compost: 4 simple steps

A detailed user guide and troubleshooting guide is provided free with each of our Bokashi Composter Starter Kits (starting at just $45).

Step 1: Add

Simply add food waste to the indoor kitchen composter.

You can put all food waste into your kitchen composter. This includes, bones, meat, cooked food, grains, baked items, coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit scraps… Everything. In fact, the list can be extended to include all compostable items; cut flowers, used tissues, dirty or wet paper, even dog and animal waste. Read this article to learn what is best to put in your bokashi composter.

Step 2: Sprinkle

Next, sprinkle with a tablespoon  or two of our premium bokashi bran mixture. Repeat each day until your bokashi bin is full. It will typically take around two weeks to fill your bokashi composter.

Step 3: Bury

After a further two weeks, your food scraps will be transformed into microbe and nutrient-rich pre-compost, and you are ready to bury your fermented food waste. You can bury your fermented food waste in your garden (trench method), compost pile, soil factory, or potting containers. It takes just two more weeks for the pre-compost to be assimilated into the soil.

Step 4: Grow

You are then ready for the final step; to grow your favorite flowers, fruits and vegetables.

how to bokashi compost: videos

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