Workshop fun on Mayne Island

Mayne Island, BC

Composting Workshop on Mayne IslandMayne Island is a small beautiful Canadian island just off the coast from Vancouver. It is located between Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of British Columbia in the southern Gulf Islands chain. Its population is around 1000 residents and boasts jaw-dropping seascapes, rich west coast forests and a welcoming and friendly island community.

Bokashi Composting workshop

The Bokashi Living team had the pleasure of being invited to provide a free workshop to the Mayne Island Garden Club to talk about composting, and how bokashi composting may be suitable for many of the residents. We had been out to the islands earlier in the summer  to provide a workshop and the buzz was spreading about bokashi composting.

Mayne Island (like the whole of Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island) is covered by the Food Scraps ban. This means that, as of January 2015, all food waste is banned from the garbage. However, there are no regular pick-ups on Mayne Island and no local disposal service for food waste. The Islanders are responsible for managing the disposal of their own food waste. A lot of the Garden Club members have successful compost piles in their backyards. However, many do not want to put meat, cooked food, dairy and bones into their home compost piles. Bokashi gives a a real solution with the benefit of producing high quality compost.

The bokashi tea is also a very valuable resource for Islanders; many of whom are on septic tank systems. The healthy bacteria in the bokashi tea make a great addition to the drainage system and can quickly get rid of funky smells!

Massive thanks to Trish and Liz for making our team so welcome and providing us with an amazing lunch and brownies!

*New stockist – Home Hardware*

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend the workshop as we are excited to announce that our Bokashi Living products will be stocked at Home Hardware on Mayne Island; making it even easier for Islanders to get new supplies of our bokashi bran. They also have copies of our information brochure plus check out our website for loads more information about bokashi.

Interested in setting up your own bokashi composting workshop?

Do you have a group or community who would like to learn more about bokashi composting? We would love to come and provide our free workshop. Just drop an email to Workshops typically last around an hour, but we can modify to fit in with your audience.

Order now! Find all your bokashi composting supplies in our online shop.

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