Water restrictions and gardening

Watering hose

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable and limited resource throughout the world. Water restrictions and hosepipe bans are common for many of us during the summer. Here in Metro Vancouver, water restrictions are standard practise most years. As populations continue to grow these water restrictions are likely to become even more stringent and far reaching. This obviously introduces new challenges for gardeners. How do you keep your vegetables producing, flowers blooming and lawn healthy with limited water?

One approach is to collect water during the wetter months for use on your garden over the drier months. But there is a limit to how much water can be collected and stored. A better, long-term solution is to take a look at your garden and, most importantly, the soil beneath your feet. Healthy soil is crucial for helping your garden survive (and thrive in) tough conditions.

How bokashi compost can help?

Bokashi compost can help your soil and garden in a few ways.

  • Firstly, adding pre-compost and organic matter to your soil helps your soil retain water.
  • Secondly, healthy soils produce strong, healthy plants. Strong, healthy plants have a large network of healthy roots making them more tolerant to dry conditions and limited water.
  • Finally, the supply of nourishing bokashi tea in your kitchen composted will encourage you to regularly hand-water your plants with the added bonus of introducing even more nutrients and beneficial microbes to your garden.

And with all of your homegrown vegetables you’ll have lots of lovely homegrown food scraps to add to your bokashi kitchen composter to start the whole process again…. a virtuous circle!

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