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Top 3 reasons all gardeners should compost in the fall

Fall is often the best time to focus on soil building and add compost to your garden. Before you put your garden tools away for the season, take some time to feed and fortify your garden.

Top 3 reasons to compost in the fall

1. Empty beds and clear soil

Fall is typically the time when gardeners are harvesting final crops, removing annuals, pruning, and generally tidying up gardens and allotments. Fall gardens have fewer plants, clearer beds, and more exposed soil. This makes it a great time to easily dig in a few buckets (or more) of bokashi pre-compost.

And with the soils still warm and soil life still fairly active, any compost added now will quickly assimilate into the soil. So, there is still plenty of time for the bokashi pre-compost to break down before winter and spring crops are added to your garden.

2. Get a head start for next growing season

Your garden soil has been working hard for you and your plants all season. Every time you harvest a carrot, pick some cut flowers, or remove unwanted weeds, you are removing nutrients and minerals from your garden. If these nutrients and minerals are not replaced then your soil will become depleted, less productive, and the life in your soil will decline.

Fall is the perfect time to focus on soil building by adding plenty of high quality compost to your garden. Bokashi compost is richer in essential microbes and organic matter than any other compost. By adding high quality compost to your garden in the fall, it will have broken down and assimilated with your soil in plenty of time for the spring. Adding compost to your garden now will give your garden a fantastic head start in the spring.

When adding compost to your soil, remember that not all compost is created equally. Take bagged potting compost, for example. Potting compost is rich in nutrients, humus and organic matter (great!) but is often sterilized before it is bagged and sold. This sterilization kills most of the life in the potting compost; including the microbes. Adding our premium bokashi bran to your potting compost will return this essential life to your soil.

3. Time to focus on soil building

Spring and summer are busy, exciting seasons for gardeners. It can sometimes feel like there is a never ending list of jobs to do; seeds to sow, weeds to clear and crops to harvest. On the other hand, fall is a time when the garden slows down giving gardeners time to focus on other tasks, such as adding compost and soil building. Time spent building and feeding our soils is arguably the most important task for any gardener or farmer.

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