Top 3 benefits of adding a pond to your garden

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Top 3 benefits of adding a pond to your garden

Garden ponds are an easy addition to most gardens. There are lots of benefits to adding a pond to your garden. They can add a lot of aesthetic value and make a gorgeous addition to your garden when properly installed and managed. Adding a water feature can bring the tranquil sounds of babbling fountains and running water into your garden. Such sounds are known to generate positive thought and peacefulness. Plus the physical work involved in both installation and maintenance of ponds is a great workout.

Surprising benefits of a garden pond

1. Wildlife and floral enhancement

Garden ponds attract birds, bees, frogs, salamanders, crickets, ladybugs, and even deer to your garden. Some wildlife will pass by for a drink, while others will come and make the pond their home. These extra insects and animals help to pollinate your garden and control pest populations. And lets not forget, it’s fun to watch this extra life enjoying your thriving garden.

Gardens need water to flourish. As droughts and water restrictions become increasingly common it makes sense to add water bodies to our gardens to give a local supply of water. When thinking about where to add a new pond, it is a good idea to position them in the higher parts of your garden. This means that any overflow will help to naturally irrigate lower areas of the garden. Position thirsty plants around the edges of your pond and these will take advantage of any overflow. If you’re savvy, you’ll end up having perpetually watered plants around your pond with a reduction in the cost to water them.

And how about trying your hand at growing plants directly in your pond. There are lots of plants (edible and non-edible) that love wet conditions; lotus flowers, watercress, water chestnut, and water spinach.

2. Stress reduction and health benefits

A lot of things in life boil down to attitude. If you’ve got a positive attitude, the least comfortable situation can be bearable and perhaps even enjoyable. One surprising benefit of adding a pond to your garden is the work and sense of purpose involved in maintaining it. Whenever you do something hard, and see that hard thing through to the end, there’s a psychological benefit because you accomplished something. If what you have done is enduring enough to observe repeatedly, that accomplishment is a constant positive reminder of achievement.

So if you went to a website such as, picked out the perfect pond for your garden, installed it, landscaped around it, and maintained it, each time you looked at the finished result, you would feel good. That is, provided you did a passable job in terms of installation and maintenance.

When you can appreciate your own accomplishments, that has a positive effect on stress. Ultimately, it reduces the amount of stress you’re feeling. And after a stressful day, a pond makes the perfect place to sit back and unwind.

When we stop to think a little a bit about potential functions in our garden, we realize that different elements sometimes do things we never considered. Water is reflective, so when sunlight shimmers down on it, that light spreads around. This is a pleasure to watch and can also help plants get a little extra sunshine and a little extra photosynthesis.

3. Added property value

A garden pond can also have financial benefits. Did you know that adding a pond can add several thousand dollars to your property value. The larger and more well-maintained the pond, the more value you can hope to add to your property. So simultaneously, you can manage your pond better, resulting in reduced water use, and expand the value of your property, overcoming the cost of installation for profit.

Certainly, not everyone is in a situation where a backyard pond is an easy choice. But if you can install a pond, and you do the job right, you’ll see an increase in local wildlife, you may see a reduction in cost as regards irrigation owing to the presence of a natural reservoir, you’ll see property enhancement, and stress reduction.

Certainly, the exact positive benefits you experience from the installation of a pond are going to differ based on what you’re working with at the start. That said, there’s plenty of potential here; so if you haven’t explored a backyard pond yet, you may want to.

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  1. It’s awesome that your article talked about adding more value to a house by installing a pond in your garden. I heard that my sister wants to create a garden where she can relax in her afternoons, and since she plans to sell her house in a few years, I think she’d be interested in reading your advice. Thank you for the advice on adding a pond to a garden since it helps reduce your irrigation costs and increase property value.

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