The dirt on food waste

Too much food waste…

Food waste ready to be bokashi composted

Statistics Canada recently calculated the weight of residential kitchen food waste, across the country. Every individual in just one year throws away:
  • 122 kg of fruits and vegetables
  • 6 kg of dairy products
  • 10 kg of boneless poultry
  • 16 kg of boneless red meat
  • 18 kg of oils, fats, sugar and syrup

This is per person!  That’s 174 kg per year…. nearly 15 tonnes in an 85 year lifetime!

But it’s compostable, so it’s ok to throw it away. Right?!

There’s a misconception among much of the population that simply throwing this food waste away is not a big deal because it is biodegradable.  Yes, that’s true on some levels.  If you were to throw away an apple core out in the woods, its not a big issue.  But the problem comes when all the biodegradable waste is aggregated in a landfill and decomposes without air.  These anaerobic conditions at the landfill create methane, which as a greenhouse gas is more than 20 times as powerful as CO2 at trapping heat in our atmosphere.
So, when we toss food waste into the garbage, essentially we are creating climate change conditions from our kitchen waste bins.  Further, putting food waste into our landfills is a huge waste of our resources.  Food contains valuable nutrients that we should be capturing and reusing.

Food dumped in landfill

Recent statistics show that in the US, 97% of all food waste goes either to a landfill or an incinerator. 

Home composting

Home composting is the most effective and direct method of getting the resource back into the soil, where it belongs, with the least impact and effort. But not everyone has the time, space, patience and expertise to compost all of their food waste at home. So how can all of this food waste be captured and composted at home?
Adding food waste to bokashi composter
Bokashi provides an effective solution to this problem for many people. Yes, we may be biased but we have seen bokashi transform many people’s attitude towards home composting. But the big message is don’t buy what you don’t need, don’t waste what you buy and compost anything that you really can’t eat! Don’t throw it in a big hole in the ground for future generations to have to deal with.
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