Premium Bokashi Starter Kit (1 bin)

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Our 1 bin bokashi composting starter kit provides everything you need to successfully begin bokashi composting in your home, office, school or community.

Using a single bokashi bucket is a good choice for kitchens that don’t generate very much food waste. Note that for most households, our 2 bin starter kit is a better choice, as using two bins allows you to CONTINUOUSLY collect and compost all of your food waste as it’s produced.

This 1 bin starter kit comes with your choice of 1, 2 or 3 bags of premium bokashi bran. Shipping costs are the same for 1, 2 or 3 bags, because the bags fit inside the bin for shipping. This makes the 3 bag choice your best overall value.

Each starter kit includes:

  • 1 x bokashi kitchen composter (bokashi bucket),
  • 1, 2 or 3 x 2.2 lb (1 kg) bags of premium bokashi bran,
  • includes Complete Guide to Bokashi Composting booklet.
  • Saving you up to 20%.

Order today and start producing your own homemade, microbe & nutrient-rich compost!


This 1 bin bokashi starter kit provides everything you need to get bokashi composting started successfully in your home, office, school or community. Using a single bin is the preferred option for kitchens that don’t generate very much food waste, such as single occupancy homes, apartments, offices and classrooms. Also it’s perfect for those gardeners who don’t have a lot of garden space requiring compost, like an apartment with a small patio. For all other households, we recommend using our 2 bin system, as using 2 bins allows for a CONTINUOUS collection of your food waste.

This is one of our best selling bokashi composting kits, and is recommended for anyone looking to succeed with bokashi composting in their own home.

What’s included in this Starter Kit?

Each 1 bin bokashi starter kit includes:

  • 1 x bokashi kitchen composter with,
    • air tight lid,
    • spigot for draining the bokashi tea,
    • bottom strainer plate,
    • durable handle,
  • cup to collect bokashi tea,
  • includes Complete Guide to Bokashi Composting booklet,
  • your choice of 1, 2 or 3 x 2.2 lb (1 kg) bags of premium bokashi bran.

Each 2.2 lb (1 kg) bag of bokashi bran is enough to ferment 5 full kitchen composters. For an average family, this is about 3 to 4 months worth of food scraps per 2.2 lb (1 kg) bag.

Other uses of bokashi bran

Microbe rich bokashi bran has multiple other household uses! In addition to building better soil, you can also:

  • dig it into existing compost piles to help re-invigorate them (this is especially popular during the colder winter months). With the addition of bokashi, life quickly returns to the pile, greatly speeding up the pile’s activity and quality of compost.
  • see great results by adding it directly to the garden as a soil enhancer. Simply dig in half a cup of bokashi per cubic foot of soil before planting into your garden or potting containers. The bokashi provides perfect conditions for plant root development.
  • add it to kitty litter boxes, animal cages and outhouses to help control odors. Simply sprinkle the bokashi bran in these areas for a noticeable difference.

Storing bokashi bran

Bokashi bran is best stored in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and within a few degrees of room temperature. When stored correctly, our bokashi bran will remain fully active for up to 18 months. Our bokashi bags are zip-lock style, and can be considered as airtight for storage.

Warranty and support

All our bokashi kitchen composters come with a complete 1 year warranty. This includes lids, spigots and drain plates. We also offer ongoing bokashi composting support to all our customers. Simply call or email us and we will be more than happy to answer any bokashi composting questions you may have!

Our strict production process ensures that our bokashi bran is always of optimal quality and freshness, before delivering to your door. We test and thoroughly dry each manufactured batch prior to shipping.

Additional information

Weight 2.85 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 cm
bags of bokashi

1 bag, 2 bags, 3 bags

32 reviews for Premium Bokashi Starter Kit (1 bin)

  1. Haley Amorelli

    This thing is awesome! I use it in our cold winters of Alaska, amd start my compost inside and ferment for about a month. Then it goes to the outside pile to freeze. From there, my compost is accelerated way faster. This is a great design and product. Thank you so much!

  2. Amanda C.

    So far so good! Super easy to get set up and the bucket is very sturdy. I’m still in the process of adding scraps so haven’t gotten to the burying stage yet but things are going well. There is absolutely no scent at all when the bucket is sealed shut and the fermenting scraps have actually quite a pleasant pickled scent to them. 1000 times easier than the massive tumbler in the backyard… I’ve been telling everyone to try bokashi-style!

  3. Eva Kelley

    I took advantage of an amazing sale and got a second bundle starter kit. Design is, again, spectacular. Instructions are clear and concise. Glad to have a 3rd bin and additional bran to add to my setup.

  4. Aria A

    love it and can’t wait for next spring to start again.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Jennifer V.

    We’ve had our bokashi bucket for about three weeks and it is just now completely full. We are a family of four. We keep our food scraps in one of those gallon ice cream buckets in our fridge and once that bucket is full, we dump it into the bokashi bucket. We have put raw meat in there, chicken bones, onion scraps, and other smelly stuff, but there is absolutely no smell coming from the bokashi bucket. We just sealed it up for the two week breakdown process, we’re excited to see the end result!

  7. Cynthia Paul

    Easy to use.

  8. NBCannabis

    Incredible way to compost!
    Where we live, surprisingly, they don’t do composting at all of any kind. As environmentalists, we can’t let this happen. So right now we have worm bins, as well as this wonderful Bokashi bin. With the worms we were able to compost a fair bit with little effort. Though there are many things which you still can’t as worms don’t like certain foods. But now with this, we compost just about everything! This is super convenient, easy to use, and it contains all the odours! Not only have we found that this is creates a great product for growing plants, but we also found that a bit of the liquid down a clogged drain clears it right up! We use it regularly on our bathroom sink (for some reason the sink clogs a lot) and no more do we have to worry about it clogging again!

  9. Happy customer

    le compost traditionnel demande beaucoup de suivi et c’est facile de le manquer. Le Bokashi est tellement plus simple et moins accaparant et sans odeur, c’est vraiment merveilleux.

  10. Major Twang

    Exactly what was needed… quality product!

  11. M Xie

    I bought this bin last year; and bought another one for my parents. Fast shipping from Vancouver. Bin is very good quality, made in Japan. No bad smells during the process. I have the bin indoor. The most wonderful thing is the bokashi tea during the process is SO powerful, my orchids/veggies are growing like crazy. You can see the difference between this tea and chemical fertilizer.

  12. 4theluvofdog

    Perfect! Well made. Convenient and easy to use. Great way to compost!

  13. angela powell

    This is a great system for composting all of your kitchen scraps without the usual smell. The bokashi bran goes a very long way as it needs so little per full bin. The pre digested compost breaks down very quickly in the garden and the subsequent number of worms in the soil indicate that it is full of goodness for all of the plants. A great product.

  14. Francois

    Great gift for my mom!

  15. Erica C.

    I just recently started composting with your awesome product!!
    Thank you so much for your help and a great product!

  16. Veronica

    Got my Bokashi and I love it! I love how well made this is.

  17. Katie

    Perfect for no outdoor space living in a basement suite. Easy to follow instructions, easy to maintain, no offensive smell

  18. Elizabeth Prinsloo

    Great. Filled one bin already and buried it. Works for me. Highly recommended.

  19. cyanw

    Clear instructions and quality materials. Easy to setup, instructions included are clear and materials are good quality.

  20. Mary Huebert

    Absolutely love these composters as you can add meat, fat, oils and dairy in these composters. You are not restricted to leafy greens and coffee grounds, etc. Lots of benefits from this product. Thank you for helping our environment!

  21. Tom Triadopoulos

    I used used coffee grounds in my bin, alternating between two or three layers of coffee and bokashi bran, and sealed the lid. I kept inside for a while, belching the bucket every night or morning (it was fermenting lots). At the end of the week or so, I would turn the Faucet (tap) and exude a reddish brown liquid (aka Bokashi Tea), full of concentrated nutrients and teaming with microbes. I’m looking at how to dilute this beauty with water at the correct ratio for fertilizer. Will buy another!

  22. Porgie

    I tried a DIY bin for bokashi and it didn’t work very well. I ordered this one and it was perfect. Leak proof, smell proof, and nice looking!

  23. Jean M

    It was exactly what I’d read it would be and arrived as stated. I started the bokashi right away. Wish we could get the world in tune to doing more of this kind of thing!!

  24. Sunni

    simple easy instruction with good result

  25. Spencer

    Excellent product, easy to use. Looking forward to the final result.

  26. Jean-Francois, Quebec

    A quick response and an awesome after sale service like this make me very glad to bought it from you.

  27. MelElizabeth

    It has been a lifesaver since we decided to compost and minimize our waste. I’m not a big fan of turning with a fork or having worms as pets. So this works perfectly!!

  28. Mahmoud M A

    it works

  29. Cleo

    This product is so easy to use. I’ve been trying for years to compost and finally I am successful. I live in Canada and close to nature with no problems at all.

  30. Jo-Anne E

    Love this. I did put the strainer on the top instead of the bottom, but that was my fault. It’s doing a great job. There is not very much of a smell to it and I keep it in the pantry. There are no bugs, and don’t attract the dog.

  31. Ben

    We LOVE these things! Outdoors, we have a static pile of leaves, grass and yard waste, but indoors has bothered me for a while—I HATE throwing out food waste. And things are even trickier at our house because I’m vegan and my wife isn’t, so we have plenty of non-vegetable waste. With the Bokashi bucket, problem solved! They’re easy to use, NO odor when sealed and surprisingly little odor when opened, the bokashi system is awesome. It takes us about 3 weeks to fill one of these large bins (that still fit under our sink, easy peasy) and when the first one’s full and fermenting, we’re filling up the second. With two bins, it’s easy to keep one in constant rotation, and they “pickle” everything from meat and bones to pizza and fruit. It all breaks down beautifully in the garden in about a month (slower in winter), and you get “tea” to use as a house plant food in the mean time! I HIGHLY RECOMMEMD this product! ???

  32. ARC

    Great system for composting food scraps
    Great system for composting food scraps. No bad smell. The compost tea is far superior to any store bought compost tea. I have been amazed this spring how my flowers bloomed sooner , bigger and more numerous. My soil is holding moisture better than ever !!
    We tried a home made version with 2 five gallon buckets. The smell was like vomit. ? Also , it quickly became a pain to drain the tea every one to three days.
    Deffinately well worth the money.

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