Replacement parts: Lid, spigot or strain plates

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If you need replacement parts for your bokashi bin, you’ve come to the right spot! We specially manufacture each of these high quality replacement parts ourselves, and they each are covered by a one year warranty.

Special Note: Our replacement Spigots and Strain Plates will work on any brand bokashi bin. So, if your bin has another company’s name on it, these parts will still fit your bin. However, our Lids are very specific to our bokashi bins. They are designed to fit our bins only (these are our grey bins with the grey lid you see on our website, which we’ve been manufacturing and selling since 2017 onwards). So, if your bin has another company name on it, or if it has a lid of another color other than grey, then our replacement lid will not fit your bin. Please be aware of this when purchasing a lid!

Lids: Please read the note above to see if our replacement lid will fit your bin. These lids are the best on the market.

Bokashi spigots get quite the workout. Not only are they opened and closed frequently, but the materials that pass through them can be quite hard on them. Our spigots are designed to be disassembled and maintained very easily, without the need to purchase any parts to do so. So, if you are tired of a drippy bokashi spigot, give one of ours a try! Each spigot comes with instructions on how to disassemble, clean, and fix any common issue which might make them leak from time to time.

Strain Plates: Sometimes strain plates mysteriously go missing, like a sock in the dryer. We can’t explain it, but we are on the case and looking for the culprit! Stay tuned… Meanwhile, if you need a replacement, then these are just the trick.

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With these high quality replacement parts, your bokashi bins are guaranteed to get many years of repeated use. 

You may be surprised to hear this, but not all bokashi bins are created the same!  Other bokashi bins available on the market may look very similar to ours (even looking exactly the same, in most cases), but they are not.

We custom manufacture all of our bokashi bins and parts, ensuring that they meet our own high specifications for quality and durability.  Offering a quality product, which will survive the rigors of repeated use, is fundamental to our mission of sustainability.

As such, we are the only company to offer a complete one year warranty on all products purchased from our website, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 27 × 30 × 1 cm
Replacement part

Lid, Spigot, Strain plate

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