Replacement parts: Lid, spigot or strain plates

$20.00 CAD

You may be surprised to hear this, but not all bokashi bins are created the same!  Other bokashi bins available on the market may look very similar to ours (even looking exactly the same, in most cases), but they are not.

We custom manufacture all of our bokashi bins, ensuring that they meet our own high specifications for quality and durability.  Offering a quality product, which will survive the rigors of repeated use, is fundamental to our mission of sustainability.

As such, we are the only company to offer a complete one year warranty on all products purchased from our website.

And after that, we will always have you covered.  If any part of your bokashi bin needs replacing after the warranty period, we will always stock replacements, of equal quality and color, so your bokashi bin will never go out of style, or use.

**see description notes below to see if our replacement parts will fit your bokashi bin**

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With these high quality replacement parts, your bokashi bins are guaranteed to get many years of repeated use.

Note that our replacement parts will only fit our custom made grey colored bokashi bins.  If you have a broken bokashi bin, or part, purchased from another company, our replacement parts will not fit your bin.

The most common broken part on a poorly made bokashi bin, for which we hear the most complaints, are lids that tear, thereby letting air into the bokashi bin.  Letting air in will create sub-par bokashi compost at best, or a rotten mess at worst.

For those customers, who have been dissatisfied with inferior quality bokashi bins, we encourage you to give ours a try, and get back to what we strive to promote, which is happy and easy composting!

The neon green lidded bokashi bin, which we used to sell up to December 2017 has been discontinued.  If you need replacement parts for this bin, please call into our office to discuss your options.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 30 × 1 cm
Replacement part

Lid, Spigot, Strain plate


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