Wishlist: A way to see or print all FAQs at once

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Rose asked 2 years ago

Please add a feature to the website to see or print all FAQs at once.
Today is 1 June 2021. There are 52 FAQ pages to click through. The site search seems to pull up a list of narrow topics based only on the question asked. However, this is not a substitute for being able to peruse a list. Why? Because while perusing a list it’s likely you’ll see FAQs about things you did not know that you did not know, and should. 
And it is very unsatisfying to click through 52-and-growing pages to create one’s own list. Please update the website to add a quick way to see all questions.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Rose,
Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately there is not a setting to allow you to print all of the FAQs. However, I have adjusted the settings so that 50 FAQs are now visible per page, bringing the total number of pages down to only 6. Hopefully this helps you browse the FAQs more easily.
Happy composting 🙂

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