White mold and worms

Denise asked 3 years ago

I tried to do my part to have min waste.  As I don’t like worms,  after I did my research, I decided to start bokashi.  2nd time I opened the lid, I saw white mold.  Today, I opened the 3rd time I saw lots of white worms towards the top away from the bokashi.  What should I do?  I figured I did not close the lid tight when I opened the 1st time 1 1/2 wks ago… pls help.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Denise,
Thanks for your question. Although maggots in your bokashi bucket can be pretty disgusting, they will do no harm. It does sound like an opportunistic fly took advantage of a slightly open lid. A tightly sealed bucket will not have a problem with maggots. 
Once the lid is correctly sealed again, the maggots will not be able to survive. The environment in a bokashi bucket is anaerobic and too acidic.
We would suggest adding a sprinkling of bokashi bran to the bucket before resealing. The boost of microbes will help to get your bokashi bucket back on track.
Happy composting 🙂 

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