When / how frequently should you empty tea?

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Ashlee asked 3 years ago

My bin with the shrimp shells and other waste is still stinky, but not yet full. I added more coffee grounds and veggies to it tonight and decided to try emptying the tea. I got 2 cup full of a thick light brown liquid which didn’t really smell acidic but wasn’t overwhelmingly bad. When are you supposed to empty the tea? The directions stated after the bucked is full but mine is clearly draining a lot of liquid prior to being full. Thanks!!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

The amount and timing of the tea will depend on the contents of the bin; wetter items will produce more tea than drier food waste. The bokashi tea can start to be produced within a few days of starting to fill the bucket; you often don’t have to wait until the bucket is full. The tea may start to smell if it is not drained regularly, so this may explain the smell you are experiencing in your bucket. We recommend draining the tea every day or two and using the tea as soon as possible. You may notice an improvement in your bokashi bucket when you start regularly draining the tea; bokashi microbes do not like to get too wet.

And keep asking questions. Bokashi composting is new to lots of people, but you’ll quickly get in to a rhythm with it. You’re definitely on the right track 🙂
Happy composting

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