What to do with compost in the winter

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K williamson asked 8 months ago

I’ve never composted before. I am wondering what to do with compost in the winter. Could I throw it into a large pail outside until spring? I am not going to be using my compost myself, but will be giving it to my family to use.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 8 months ago

Thanks for the question. That’s great to hear that others are going to benefit from your bokashi compost 🙂

You have four options for what to do with your bokashi compost in the winter:

  1. If the ground isn’t frozen, then you can continue to bury the bokashi pre-compost as you would normally,
  2. Alternatively, you can add directly to a compost pile,
  3. If your ground is frozen then you could make a soil factory,
  4. You can do as you suggest and simply store the bokashi pre-compost until the soil thaws in the spring.

There is lots more information in this blog post (Winter composting: Getting the most from your bokashi composter)

We hope that helps. Feel free to call or ask further questions here if you have them.

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