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Chris asked 8 months ago

Hello, I am wondering what kind of bagged soil to use for our bokashi soil factory. I was looking at garden soil, but we have no land or in-ground plants, all of our veggies and flowers grow in containers. What sort of bagged soil should I buy? Thanks!

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Nick Kiss answered 8 months ago

Dont use bagged store bought soil for your soil factory.  This will have no microbial live in it.  You need microbial life (which is present in all normal, healthy garden soil) in order to complete the breakdown of the bokashi pre compost and start building soil structure.  Healthy soil is teeming with life,  most of it invisible to the naked eye.  Store bought soil invariably does not have this.  So.. using any soil that you can take from the outdoors is generally acceptable.  And if you can find a shovel full of healthy compost from an outdoor compost pile to add to it, you’ll start off on an even better footing.  Many community gardens have a compost pile in the corner, and the members are often very willing to help out by offering a scoop of the material to a fellow gardener.

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