What can i put in?

FAQsCategory: bokashi composting questionsWhat can i put in?
Gabrielle Graham asked 6 months ago

Can put brown paper scraps such as compostable tissue or compostable paper in the bokashi plus? Can i put moldy/food that has gone bad in there aswell?

1 Answers
Nicki Casley Staff answered 6 months ago

Thanks for your questions. Brown paper scraps can be added to your bokashi bucket, however, paper scraps do not add much nutrient value to your bokashi compost. We would typically recommend keeping these sorts of items out of your bokashi bucket. Save space in your bokashi bucket for items that are going to add lots of nutrient value to your soil and those that would be hard to compost other ways.
Excessive moldy food should be kept out of the bokashi bucket. An occasional moldy grape or apple core is fine but adding too much moldy food to your bokashi bucket will likely cause it to go bad.