What can i put in?

Susie asked 2 years ago
  1. Can I put cat litter, the recycled paper sort, into my bin?
  2. Can I put garden waste in my bin? I live alone and don’t generate huge amounts of kitchen waste, but I want to makeover my garden quickly – can I put weeds & lawn clippings in?
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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Susie,
Thanks for your questions.

  1. Yes, you can add both cat litter. But if you are adding pet waste to your compost, we recommend that the finished compost is at least 2m from any areas used to grow fruit or vegetables.
  2. You can add garden waste however, we recommend using the bokashi bucket for food waste only. Garden waste is fine in the bokashi composter, but it takes up space and won’t add much value to your finished bokashi compost. It is a personal preference. And remember, you don’t have to fill your bokashi bucket before you leave it to ferment. You can fill the bokashi bucket to your preferred level, cover with an old plate or plastic bag, seal the lid and leave to ferment for at least 2 weeks.

Happy composting 🙂

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