Types of houseplants that can be composted?

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Rose asked 3 years ago

Can you add houseplants to the compost?
If yes, any parameters about what types to exclude?
I have swedish ivy, oxalis, bamboo, dracaena, rubber plant, and palm ferns. The plants are bug-free and receive weekly watering with Miracle Grow (except no fertilizer for the bamboo).
This question was prompted while trimming the palm ferns of dead leaves and stalks. I cut it into small pieces, but it is a very fibrous plant. 

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NIck Kiss answered 3 years ago

You can add houseplants in limited quantity.  The bokashi microbes thrive off of food waste, so don’t overwhelm the bin with houseplants as they are not a strong food source for the bokashi microbes.  The better you can cut up the houseplants first, particularly the more fibrous ones, the better they will process in the bin.  It can help to let the bin ferment for an extra week if you put these items in, as more time ensures a more complete fermentation.

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