Transferring finished bokashi to outdoor composting tumbler

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Jessica E asked 2 years ago

Hi there,
I am new to composting but am excited to start! The apartment I live in has an empty dual chamber composting tumbler outside with vents for aeration. I have purchased garden soil, and have been collecting “brown material” in a separate bin for months. My goals are to make a soil factory using the outdoor composter, the bokashi bin, and my collection of brown material and to, as a result, effectively eliminate ~90% of my apartment’s waste. I do not have a yard I am able to bury bokashi in, so I need an effective way to finish my bokashi. 
Once my bokashi bin has finished the 2 week fermentation process, how do I add it to the currently empty dual chamber outdoor composter tumbler? Do I add soil first, the finished bokashi, the “browns” I have been saving, and then more soil? And do I have to turn the tumbler or do I bury the bokashi and leave it buried without disturbing it? Do I need to add bokashi bran to the tumbler as well? I have watched the video you uploaded about introducing bokashi to an already existing compost pile, but since I do not have a currently existing compost pile (but wanted to start a hot composting tumbler) I wondered what the process was for this. 
Thank you very much!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

If you are going to add bokashi precompost to your tumbler, then it’s best if you have some material built up in the tumbler already.  This way, you can mix/dig the bokashi precompost into whats already in the tumbler.
We suggest that store bought (bagged) soil is not a good starting medium, because it is sterile and has no life in it.  You would be much better off taking some healthy looking garden soil from an existing garden, as this will have life in it. 
Yes, its good to add some browns with each adding of bokashi precompost.  The bokashi precompost is quite wet, so the browns will balance this out.
Regarding turning the tumbler, we suggest that you follow whatever is recommended for your composting tumbler.  The bokashi precompost will be fine with however you operate it i.e. whether you turn it or not.

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