transferring bokashi'd waste to general compost

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Heidi asked 4 months ago

I’ve just started using the bokashi bin and it’s full. I live in an apartment building where there is a communal general ‘gardne’ variety compost bin and I want to know if I can dump the contents of my bokashi bucket into this general compost bin. The general compost has the usual rules of not putting meat products in etc. If my waste has already been treated with bokashi would it be ok to put into the general compost? Even if there are a few of the usual no-nos like the odd bon or eggshell with egg white on it?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 months ago

Adding bokashi pre-compost to a traditional compost pile works fantastically, and will give the existing compost pile a real boost (a useful video here –

If you are adding the bokashi pre-compost to a communal compost pile, make sure to check with the people in charge first as not everyone is familiar with bokashi composting.