Timeline of fermentation

Layla asked 3 years ago

I am confused about the timeline for fermentation. If I am adding scraps and bran to my Bokashi bucket everyday for week until it is full, do I then have to wait a full 2 weeks AFTER the last scraps are added to the bucket before dumping my bucket? If so, during those 2 weeks, where am I putting my new daily scraps I make? Into ANOTHER bucket? Please help! 

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Layla,
Thanks for the questions. Yes, after you have finished adding food waste to your bokashi bucket, you need to leave the bucket sealed for at least 2 weeks. Many bokashi’ers choose to have 2 (or more) bokashi buckets so that you can add to the 2nd bokashi bucket while the first bucket is fermenting.
Alternatively, you can store your food waste in the freezer while your bokashi bucket. Once you have emptied the bokashi bucket you can allow the food waste to defrost and add it in 1 inch layers to the bokashi bucket.
Happy composting 🙂

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