Tea and Plants

Amanda Quintero asked 4 years ago

How often can I put the tea on my plants? Everyday? Every two weeks? I know the answer is easily somewhere but I can’t locate it right now.
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nick kiss answered 4 years ago

The bokashi tea is acidic, and therefor should not be used with every watering.  Using it about every second or third watering is acceptable, but likely not more. 
Every plant is unique, however, and the best way to tell is to watch how they react.  You can easily tell if a plant responds happily or not, by the shape and directions of their leaves.  An unhappy plant looks, well… sad.  And a happy one is perky and bright.  So we would suggest to start with every second or third watering, and then monitor from there.

Amanda Quintero answered 4 years ago

Thank you! This was helpful! My plant looks great so far! 

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