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Diane C. asked 6 years ago

During winter could I store the pre-compost in a large container/bin outside and add more pre-compost throughout winter until I can bury it in spring?

How much tea should should I add to a gallon of water? I know it’s 1:100 but I’m not sure how that breaks down into more simple measurements.

If I cannot use the tea fresh can I freeze it for !ater use?


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Nicki Casley Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Diane,

Thanks for the questions.

Firstly, yes, you can store the pre-compost in an airtight container until you can bury it in the spring. Ideally, store the bokashi pre-compost above freezing temperatures as freezing will kill some of the beneficial soil microbes. IF the pre-compost is exposed to sub-zero temperatures, we would recommend adding some extra bokashi bran when you bury the pre-compost in the spring. This will help to repopulate the soil microbe populations in the bokashi pre-compost. Avoid large fluctuations in temperature. It’s best to keep your airtight container out if direct sun or wind. Remember to add a thick few layers of paper (or other absorbent material) to soak up any excess liquids. Simply store your fermented food waste until you need it.

Using the 1:100 ratio, you only need to add a couple of fluid ounces per gallon. For a standard 2 US gallon watering can you should add 4 fl oz (or about half a cup). On less sensitive plants, such as most vegetable plants, I often increase to around a cup per watering can.

Finally, yes, you can freeze the bokashi tea to use later. However, freezing the tea will reduce the effectiveness of the bokashi microbes. If you are bokashi compost throughout the year, you will have a continuous supply of bokashi tea. Most people find they have plenty of tea when they need it and choose to put excess tea down the drain. The microbes in the tea are great for unblocking slow or clogged drains.

Hope that helps. Feel free to keep asking questions! We love sharing our knowledge about bokashi composting 🙂
Nicki and the Bokashi Living team

Ria answered 6 years ago

Can you give to much Bokhasi Tea to your vegetable garden? Hiw often are you suppose to apply the tea? Once a week, or longer apart. My veggies started out great with Bokhasi but now have signs of iver fertilizing. Is it possible

Nicki Casley Staff answered 6 years ago

Bokashi tea is fairly acidic (hence having to dilute it 1:100). Over use can raise the acidity of your soil. Feeding your vegetable up to 1-2 times a week with diluted bokashi compost tea during the growing season in generally considered sufficient. Applying any fertilizer too frequently can interfere with fruit production (producing lots of foliage with minimal fruit).

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