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Mai asked 3 years ago

I’ve been fermenting my Bokashi for 3 bins now.  I’ve buried them in a part of the garden that doesn’t have the healthiest soil; that area of the garden gets water every 3 days.  I was hoping to reinvigorate it with the bokashi, so I’ve buried a whole bin full of bokashi precompost in an area already and it’s sat for a month.  I’ve dug it up to check on the status, and I’ve found that the precompost has decomposed into the soil, but the soil doesn’t look black and healthy like rich soil. It still looks dead and dry with no earthworms in it.  Is it right for me to expect black and rich soil after the first bin, or would it take some time?  And would it be better that I add rich soil to that area to colonize the soil and the precompost?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Mai,
Thanks for the question. Even with bokashi compost, it can take time to rejuvenate failing soils. It really depends how depleted the soils are to start with. Do not despair, you are absolutely doing the right thing and there are huge benefits to your soil even after just one bucket of bokashi pre-compost (you might just not be able to see the changes yet).
Remember, that soil life is much more than just earthworms. The life in your soil is a huge network of microbes (not visible to the naked eye) and macrobes. 
Keep doing what you are doing. As you add more bokashi pre-compost, more life will come to your soil and you will start to see a much healthier soil structure.
Happy composting 🙂

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