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Norine asked 2 years ago

I am just getting started with bokashi and am really wondering how this will all work through the winter. Have read your blog about winter and have decided to set up a soil factory. I have a large container with holes in the bottom sitting on a bed of wood mulch. Our winter will have snow and subzero temps for several months, the soil factory WILL freeze. Can I continue to add dirt and pre-compost, letting it freeze and just mix when it thaws?

1 Answers
Nick answered 2 years ago

Yes you can certainly do that! Putting bokashi pre-compost into the regular compost pile or a container soil factory is a popular choice over the cold winter months. Just note that the cold will make the bokashi microbes go dormant during this time, but when spring comes they will reactivate and continue the process.

For winter soil factories we recommend:

  1. using the largest container possible for your situation,
  2. adding a bit more soil each time than you would during the warmer summer months,
  3. diggin in some fresh bokashi bran when the warmer weather resumes as this will help kick start the process.