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Maggie asked 3 years ago

Hi, I added my Bokashi into the soil factory for about 3 weeks now. However it has not fully broken down. Is it ok to use yet?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

If the bokashi pre-compost has not fully broken down, then the soil may still be quite acidic; particularly the soil close to the bokashi pre-compost.

You have a couple of choices:
– Firstly, you could chop through the soil factory and break up any visible pieces of bokashi pre-compost, leave for another week or so, and then use.
– Alternatively, you could use the soil now, making sure that roots do not come into contact with the unfinished bokashi pre-compost as the acidity may damage and burn them. For example, some poeple choose to sow seeds on top of freshly buried bokashi pre-compost. By the time the seeds have germinated and the roots reached the buried pre-compost, it has fully assimilated with the surrounding soil.

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