soil factory plastic box?

Mayte Gómez asked 2 years ago

Dear friends, I have read in your blog that one way to make a soil factory is just to have a box in which I mix the bokashi with soil. I´m surprised to see that the photo is of a plastic box. Is plastic an ok material for this? I would prefer wood. Do you think I can do it in a wooden trunk that I can put in my patio? (don´t have garden or land). Thank you.

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Plastic is a very good choice, as many people keep their soil factory indoors.  The plastic will hold moisture and odors better than wood.  But… if you keep yours outdoors then wood is a fine choice.  We recommend that if you use wood, that you will want to pay closer attention to moisture content, as too much moisture may cause it to leak out the bottom.  The best way to adjust for this is to start out with more soil in the container.  Using more soil will better dilute the wet bokashi pre-compost that you will be adding.

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