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Jeannie asked 3 years ago

There are lot of baby snails in my potting soils in my pots. Can I use the potting soils that have baby snails and probably eggs for the factory soil to decompose my bokashi pre-compost?
Im living in an apartment. I used a plastic container for my factory soil. I can’t drill holes at the bottom but I drill two small holes at the top both side. there is still moisture in it. I need to open it now and then for the moisture to evaporate. I place cardboard in there. Thank you.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

You shouldn’t use store bought potting soils for a soil factory.  That soil is sterile and has no life in it.  For the soil factory to be successful, you just need regular soil directly from a healthy garden.  Garden soil is teeming with microbial life (and also lots of other slightly larger life), and it is these organisms that are required to do the final break down of your bokashi precompost. These organisms are the building blocks of healthy soil structure.
If you can find a compost pile, then taking a shovel full of that and adding it to the soil factory will be a great starting benefit as well.
Without this life, the soil factory will suffer and not be optimized.

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