Smells like alcohol

Shelly W asked 2 years ago

I started my 2nd bokashi bucket 2 1/2 weeks ago.  My first one smelled like pickled food and thus correct per what I’ve read on your website.  My second one smells like alcohol however and I’m wondering if that is ok or if I did something wrong (that could be corrected)?  It is also not producing a lot of tea (granted it’s only about 1/3 full at this point).  Thank you for your response!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

The smell will vary from time to time, and so will the quantity of tea produced.  Two batches can often be very different, and sometimes the smell can be described as quite powerful.  It sounds like  yours are just fine, and nothing to be concerned about.  The only time to be concerned is when you see signs of rotting happening, as rotting is never what we want with any composting.  Signs of rotting are immediately obvious, as you will see dark color molds like green, blue, brown and black on top..

Shelly W answered 2 years ago

Great!!  Thank you so much for your timely response!! 🙂

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