Rebecca Meitlis asked 2 years ago

I put some Bokashi precompost in my compost heap over winter and it attracted rats. I then put it in trenches … deeper than shown in  your video and it attracted badgers. who dug it out and ate what they liked… I guess they now have healthy guts! Any suggestiions as to what to do with the bokashi precompost in the winter. In the summer it seemed to work easily in the compost heap/

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Rodents are both curious and hungry.  Often they will dig up things in the beginning, but once they discover that its not so tasty to them they will move on.  If your rodents are particularly active, then the best suggestion is to let the food waste ferment in your bokashi bin for some more time.  A week extra is good, more is better.  This ensures more complete fermentation, which will be much less tasty to the rodents.  Another solution is to put down some netting or chicken wire over the area that you bury it.  You can secure the material with some stones.  After a week or so in the ground (perhaps longer in the winter), the material will become odorless to the rodents.  And as usual, burying deeper is always a good solution.

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