Plastic melted in bakshi tea?

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Helena Fan asked 2 years ago

I was excited to bakshi tea to feed my garden this morning, including blueberry, strawberry and vegetables. I found that the tea was thicker and stickier than usual. But I just thought it related to the food scraps I put in. ( I used to put all plant based waste. This time, there is a bit meat left from a party, which I threw in the bucket). So I went ahead to applied the tea to many of plants. At the end, I found there were 16 pins with plastic head at the bottom of the bottle I used to hold the tea. Even worse, 8 of the plastic heads (half of them) lost the surface color (silver) and part of them (at least 2 of them, the plastic heads are almost gone). These heads are like a small pearl. Apparently, the plastic was disolved in the tea. What happened is that last night, when I used the container to take the tea from the bucket, I accientally used a containder with 16 pins with plastic heads in it. (It was dark in the garage, I couldn’t see it clearly). Based on some info posted online, Bokashi method doesn’t apply to compost plastic. But this is not what I observe.

I am so regret that I used it to water and feed a lot of plants today including food. I feel that I polluted the earth and my plants. What could be the final products of decomposted plastic? Are they toxic?

Can you explain it to me what is going on? Shall I be very worried about it?

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

We’ve never heard of bokashi tea breaking down any type of plastic.  It may be that the plastic you mention is not a normal plastic, and instead some kind of soluble material.  Sorry we cant help further.

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