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Rachel Rodnunsky asked 2 years ago

I have a lot of pets. I was planning on using the bran in my coop and composting the wood shavings/manure in my traditional compost because of the amount. However, I have pet rats and a pet hamster and they have Carefresh bedding made from paper. Could I put this in my Bokashi composter (I have just ordered it so I haven’t started yet)? I also vermicompost but wanted a system that could handle things I shouldn’t put in the worm bins. I also live in the north so I only have 60 to 70 frost free days a year. I was planning on using a soil factory for most of the year.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your questions. Let me try and answer them in turn.

1. Adding the bran to your coop and composting the shavings sounds like a great use for the bran. It will help to reduce odors and speed up the composting process.

2. For your pet rats’ and hamster’s bedding, this could be added to your bokashi composter. However, we wouldn’t recommend adding it as it will take up valuable space in your bokashi composter which is best used for your food waste. Instead, we would suggest using a similar approach as for your coop shavings. Add a bit of bran to your bedding and then put it into your traditional composter. Alternatively, I sometimes bury my pets’ bedding at the same time as I bury my bokashi pre-compost. It breaks down really quickly. Though I only do this away from my vegetable and fruit gardens. We wouldn’t recommend adding pet waste close to areas where you grow food.

3. Combining bokashi with vermicomposting is a great way to compost items that your worms can’t handle. Here is a post we wrote recently about combining bokashi and vermicomposting, which should be helpful.

4. A soil factory is a great option (particularly in a cold climate). If possible, keep your soil factory in a warm spot (maybe indoors) to maximize the speed of decomposition throughout the year.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have here.
The Bokashi Living team