Anne Carter asked 3 years ago

 do you have a product for pet waste? 

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Anne,
Thanks for the question. While it is possible to buy pet waste composters, but you can make your own. Find a 5 gallon (or larger) bucket with a well sealing lid. Cut the bottom of the bucket and bury it almost entirely in your garden (away from any places that you grow vegetables and/or children/pets may play). Put your pet waste into this container (ideally unbagged) and sprinkle with bokashi. Repeat. The life in your soil will do most of the work so that you can keep adding pet waste on the top and you should see the level continuously going down. If you should fill your container, then pull it out of the ground (leaving the fermented waste behind) and relocate. Cover the initial area with at least 6 inches of soil.
Note that although the bokashi composting process will help to kill the harmful pathogens found in pet waste, it is recommended that you bury the fermented pet waste at least 2m from any areas where you grow fruits or veggies.
Happy composting 🙂

Daphne Yiu answered 2 years ago

Hi Nicki, 
I don’t have a garden to bury in. Currently, I have it in a bucket sealed. How do I know when it has been fermented enough to put it into the city green bin?

Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

For pet waste this way, you should check with your city as to what they will accept in their green bin.

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