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Meg asked 4 years ago

I am moving to Whitehorse YT and wonder how to deal with my kitchen scraps during the winter. Can I collect and properly ferment with bokashi and keep the airtight buckets in..say a basement.. until spring?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Meg,

Thanks for your question and good luck with the move. Yes, one option for your bokashi pre-compost is to store it in airtight containers until you need it in the spring. Another popular option is to make a soil factory (note that the pre-compost will take longer to break down in the winter as the cold temperatures will slow down the action of the bokashi microbes).

You should find some useful information in this blog: Winter composting: Getting the most from your bokashi bucket (link https://bokashiliving.com/composting-in-the-cold-and-snow/).

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
Happy composting,
The Bokashi Living team

Rachel answered 4 years ago

I live north of Whitehorse in the Yukon. I have buried the bokashi under some soil in a bin with a lid in my unfinished basement and I have also just put it in my traditional compost during the winter (it had a lid to keep those crazy Yukon ravens out). The traditional compost broke down a lot quicker than usual I noticed. I have also put some in a level (I have bins stacks on top of each other) of my worm composting set-up I have in the basement in the winter. With a last frost date of June 11 and a first frost date of August 25 anything that speeds up compost is great.

Nicki Casley Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Rachel,

Great to hear that bokashi is working for you (and your garden); it really is such a versatile composting system! Plenty of time to build up a good supply of fantastic compost ready for spring 🙂

Happy composting!
the Bokashi Living team

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