Not getting Bokashi Tea

Nancy Troutman asked 5 years ago

I am getting only slight amounts of Bokashi Tea. Most of what I compost is carrot pulp from juicing. It smells like beer and otherwise seems to working, but I wonder if I need to add water to get the tea.

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Please don’t judge success or failure by tea production! 
In some cases the tea wont come at all.  The key indicator that things are working fine are that the foods in the bin are not rotting.  The fact that they are not rotting means that they are fermenting instead, which is the goal of bokashi composting.  And remember, with fermenting, the foods wont look any different.  But chemically and physically they are different, and are now ready for rapid assimilation into your soil structure.  After two weeks with the lid on the bin, you are now ready to put the fermented food into your garden.  There is no need to wait longer than two weeks, although no harm will come if you do.

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