No veggies

Taylor Allen asked 4 months ago

Will I still get the same great results if I do not throw any vegetables into the Bokashi bin? I have only been putting in leftovers, dairy, grains and meat. We chuck our vegetables into the regular compost now. The reason for this is because I go through a ton of veggies as I cook for multiple families so my Bokashi bucket would fill up too quickly.

1 Answers
Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 months ago

Thanks for the question. Many people successfully bokashi compost without vegetable scraps. However, the contents of the bokashi bucket will be less appealing and slimier than those with fruit and vegetable scraps added. But don’t worry, it will break down as normal when you add it to your soil.

As leftovers, dairy, grains and meat are harder to compost than fruit and vegetable scraps make sure to add plenty of bokashi bran so that there are sufficient bokashi microbes to ferment the food waste. Also add a sprinkling of brown sugar when you add the bokashi bran. The bokashi microbes love sugar. Dairy and meat does not contain many sugars so you should add some brown sugar to help boost the microbes (or throw in a handful of fruit scraps along with your other waste).

Happy composting!