No signs of anything happening in my bucket

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Ella Boardman asked 1 year ago

I have had my bokashi buckets for about month & half. One bucket is nearly full. I’ve been generous with the bokashi grain using up to a cup & half sprinkled on top of each layer. So far there is no sign of anything happening! Why? Did I get a grain that is dead? My buckets were some of the first new for 2021 & you had not been shipping to people for some time so I really wonder if I received bad product? I’m soooo disappointed!

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NIck Kiss answered 1 year ago

As long as you dont see any signs of rotting (green, black or blue molds), then things are very likely progressing in the bin exactly as they should be!  Remember, you are fermenting in the bokashi bin, so there will be no visible change to the foods that you put in the bin.  With fermentation, the changes are at the cellular level, and you cant see this.  There is no need to use as much bran as you suggest you are using, just a tablespoon or two per inch of food waste is all that’s needed.  It bears repeating:  if nothing was happening inside of the bin, then your food waste will start to rot rather quickly, and you will see signs of that by seeing dark color molds and a very foul smell.  If you are not seeing rotting, then things are likely just fine!

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