No Liquid outflow

Guard-an-Home asked 3 years ago
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Nicki Casley Staff answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the question. The amount of bokashi tea will vary depending on the contents of your bin. Fruit peelings (with lots of liquid in them) will produce more bokashi tea than drier materials. Not getting tea, does not mean that your bokashi bucket has failed. You say that your bin smells like beer, so it sounds like everything is working fine.
It is possible that the holes in your spigot or drain plate are clogged up? Maybe the holes in the drain plate are blocked and the tea cannot drain through to the reservoir. Tilt your bin from side to side. Do you hear any liquid slopping about? If so, its likely that the holes are blocked up. Try pressing the top of the food waste hard with the masher to squeeze the liquid out of the bottom.
Alternatively, try pressing down the sealed lid with the spigot open. This can sometimes force any tea through the spigot.
The best thing to do is usually to be patient. If the bin appears to be working correctly and not failed, then some tea should come eventually. We would not recommend adding water. Too much liquid can cause the bin to fail.

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