My soil is very acidic…

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lisa asked 9 months ago

Is there a way to lessen the acidity of the tea before I put it in the garden, while retaining the nutrients?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 9 months ago

Thanks for your question. Bokashi tea (and bokashi pre-compost) is naturally acidic. The majority of this acidity should be neutralized within a few days of being added. Try doing acidity tests regularly on your soil before and after adding the bokashi tea. You’ll likely not see a large variation in pH, unless you are repeatedly adding bokashi tea to the same area of soil.

Here are a few tips for managing the pH impact of the bokashi tea:

  1. Make sure to dilute your bokashi tea by at least 1:100 (higher if you have difficulties with acidity).
  2. Spread your bokashi tea application across your whole garden so that any increase in acidity is minimal. Remember, bokashi tea is great to be used on lawns, vegetable gardens and flower gardens. It even helps to give your compost pile a boost.
  3. Try adding some lime after the application of the bokashi tea. The amount of lime needed will depend on the acidity of your soil and the tolerance of your plants.
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