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Dam asked 2 years ago

So I collect food waste from my school canteen for the composting. There are maggots and the bins heat up at first like it decomposing rather than fermenting. It\’s smells but also, I saw white mold and a slightly pickled smell. A few days later, the maggots died out. When I add more layers of the next day of food, I checked after 24 hours, It smell like decomposing again. My bin is like half fermenting half decaying. I bet there is a mix of bad and good bacteria in here. What could I do? Did the problem begin when I was collecting the waste at the end of the day? I did chop things up and pressed them hard. I’m using bokashi brans. 

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

The maggots indicate a problem.  There should not be maggots, or heat being generated, in your bokashi bin if everything is going well.  Be sure that your bokashi bran is still viable (that it is less than 18 months old, and it has been stored properly).  As well, be sure that the foods you are adding are not starting to rot before you add them.  

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