Moldy bread

Mary Bradley asked 4 years ago

I have moldy bread. Can I add that to my outdoor bin when I add my bokashi?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 years ago

Adding moldy bread to an outdoor composter is acceptable, provided that you dig it down into the compost pile and add a sprinkling of bokashi to the affected moldy area. The Bokashi microbes will out-compete the bread mold. Generally speaking, mold that develops on bread is not a dangerous pathogen, so this is acceptable. However, some moldy items should be avoided, because they pose greater risk to humans. Moldy meats, and moldy raw eggs, for example, pose a greater risk, including the risk of salmonella. While in theory the Bokashi microbes can out-compete these pathogenic molds if you do everything just right, the risk is not worth it. We always recommend to keep those items out of your compost pile and Bokashi bin.

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