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Adriana asked 3 years ago

I purchased the 2 buckets of the Bokashi over a month ago,  I just took out my first batch of compost. The food didn’t look like it had decomposed much after being in the bucket for 2 weeks. 
I am preparing my garden to do some planting this weekend. I do have two bags of miracle grow potting mix, I was wondering if it is a good idea to mix that product with the Bokashi compost in the pots.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Adriana,
Thanks for your question. You don’t get finished compost out of the bokashi bucket; bokashi composting doesn’t work like that.
The bokashi process is a 2 stage process. Stage 1 (in the bokashi bucket) is the fermentation process. It may look like not much has happened but in fact there is a whole heap of changes that have happened to your food waste. It’s just that these changes aren’t visible to the naked eye.
The bokashi pre-compost (the fermented food waste) then needs to be mixed with soil to finish the process. It is the life in the soil that will assimilate the bokashi pre-compost in to the soil structure. The more life in your soil, the quicker the second stage of the bokashi process. Your miracle grow potting mix will work to mix with the bokashi pre-compost, but the potting mix will likely have been sterilized before being bagged. This sterilization will mean there is limited life in it to break down the bokashi pre-compost. If you can also add a shovel or two of good quality garden soil, then that will speed the process up.
If you are adding bokashi to your pots and containers, you may find this blog post helpful: https://bokashiliving.com/using-bokashi-in-planters-and-containers/
Happy composting 🙂

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