microgreens roots and cuttings compostable in bokashi bucket?

Bokashi CommunityCategory: bokashi composting questionsmicrogreens roots and cuttings compostable in bokashi bucket?
Kelly asked 3 years ago

I’m growing microgreens and wheatgrass in soil in my condo.  After my harvest, can I throw the left over soil and roots from the tray into my bokashi bucket?  Would I have to try to separate the soil from the roots first?

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nick kiss answered 3 years ago

You can add these items, but please be cautious of two things:  1) tear/break up the roots first, because otherwise the bokashi microbes wont be able to penetrate the root centers very easily, 2) loose soil can fall to the bottom of the bokashi bin and clog the spigot, so it would be best to add these things to the top portion of your bokashi bin (this way, the food waste below will act as a sort of a filter).

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